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"Those who know nothing of foreign languages, know nothing of

their own.”

(Johann Wolfgang von Goethe) 

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Study at any level, from beginner to expert. 

We are qualified, experienced teachers who love and are passionate about our culture and the Italian language.

For this reason we decided to combine our knowledge , skills and experience in creating this school .


The main feature of Parlo Italiano is its accessibility and mobility: lessons on Skype or at your location, or at our house - a real Italian home.


Our tutors prepare tasks and notes after each lesson, and are available every day via email to answer students' questions.





For those who have no other opportunity to study Italian with

a tutor by their side. 

The lessons are customized for any level of proficiency. They are tested, reliable and guarantee great results.

Our school is primarily a web school. We use one of the best web services available to make the teaching easy with no additional cost.



Kids' classes (5-12)


Each lesson lasts 1 hour and will be taught through conversations on selected themes, with a lively and contemporary methodology,

playing and singing.



Teaching business people how to communicate

in Italian


Corporate classes

The class is designed for students who are interested in business with Italy for professional reasons.



It's one of the best ways to get into the Italian culture and its language: to cook conversing .


Learn Italian

while you cook





Talking in your kitchen

Learn Italian while you cook

Italian literature, cinema, arts and contemporary culture

The lessons are based
on the authors and/or fundamental artists in the history of Italian literature, cinema and arts.

Travel to Italy...Speaking in Italian!

Daily Schedule
  • Mon. through Sat. from 9am to 6pm ET | Zoom classes

  • Every Saturday from 10am to 3pm ET | Cooking classes

  • Every Sat.&Sun. from 10am to 3pm ET| Kids classes

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We also do translations from English
into Italian and vice versa.
We are fast and proficient.
Contact us, now!
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