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Learn Italian in different ways

The goal for each lesson will be to increase knowledge and comprehension of the Italian language, using the role-playing method and conversations on predetermined themes. Students will talk about the predetermined themes in appropriate contexts. 
Each lesson will be tailored to the student's knowledge of the language: beginner, intermediate, or advanced.
The goal is the development of a balanced, appropriate capability to converse and understand, using the correct grammar and the specific functions of the language.

Socializing: naming, describing, asking questions, giving directions, defending opinions, explaining purposes, etc.

Daily life: street, store, restaurant, phone, etc...

Business situations: offices, lawyers, hospitals, utility companies, etc.
From the first lesson, the student is completely surrounded by an Italian atmosphere with the use of the  role-playing method. Students are asked to use common expressions related to everyday life. Grammar structures, idiomatic expressions and phonetic rules will be gradually introduced during classes,  as considered appropriate by the teacher and in answer to questions from the students. The teacher will try to develop listening and speaking capabilities, as harmoniously as possible.

Italian for adults - beginners, intermediate, advanced

Beginner level

Designed for students with little or no knowledge of Italian. Basic verbal expressions, listening comprehension, and elementary reading and writing. Foundations of grammar: noun (singular and plural forms); gender; indefinite/definite articles; adjectives; subject pronouns; demonstrative adjectives/pronouns; possessive adjectives/pronouns; relative pronouns; interrogative words; direct/indirect object pronouns; double object pronouns; prepositions; preposition + article; partitive; uses of "ci. vi, ne"; uses of "mentre, durante". Verbs: "essere" and "avere"; the three conjugations; verbs of motion ("andare, venire" etc.); modal verbs; irregular verbs ("stare, fare, dare" etc.); transitive/intransitive verbs; auxiliary verbs; reflexive verbs; present tense; present perfect (past participle); agreement of the past participle in the "passato prossimo”; imperfect indicative; simple future; future perfect; the imperative (familiar form "tu, noi, voi"); present and past conditional.

Intermediate level

Designed for students with basic knowledge of Italian. Intermediate verbal ability, listening comprehension, and intermediate reading and writing skills. General review of the foundations of grammar. Introduction of new grammar: relative pronouns; comparative/superlative forms; indefinite adjectives/pronouns; negatives; interrogative words; noun, adjective, and adverb suffixes; “ci, vi, ne" particles; idiomatic expressions related to the body. Verbs: indicative (simple past, past perfect); conditional (present, perfect); subjunctive (present, past, imperfect, pluperfect); "lei / loro" forms of the imperative; sequence of tenses and moods; impersonal constructions; hypothetical sentences; the passive voice; the "si" construction replacing the passive; gerund/infinitive/participle verb forms; direct/indirect speech.

Advanced level

General review of the basic linguistic structures of Italian. Consolidation of the linguistic and communication skills. Consolidation of the ability to produce written texts, both one's own and from dictation.

The lessons can be held on Zoom or at our location.

Corporate classes - Business Italian

The class is designed for students who are interested in professional business relations with Italy.

The program focuses on the Italian language of business, and is designed to provide students with the basic vocabulary and professional expressions most often used.

For reasons of content, these lessons are organized in groups of 10 sessions. 


The lessons can be held on Zoom or at your company (Manhattan NY, Bergen County NJ, Hudson County NJ)



Italian literature, cinema, arts and contemporary culture

Each lesson of the Italian literature program will be focused on conversations about authors selected from the following topics:

- Ten very important books from Italian literature 

- Italian literature and the Nobel prize

- Narrative and contemporary essay

The arts program includes:

- Great art in Italian cities

To illustrate the history of the Italian cinema, each lesson will be focused on conversations about movie clips selected from the following topics:

- Neorealism

- Spaghetti Westerns and Italian comedy

- Contemporary authors 

- Stars & divas

- Recent Oscar Awards

For reasons of content , the lessons are organized in groups of 10 sessions. These lessons are reserved for advanced students .

The lessons can be held on Zoom or at an agreed location (schools , cultural centers , libraries,

etc ... - Manhattan NY, Bergen County NJ, Hudson County NJ)

Give a forever chance to your children. Kids' classes (5-12)

The children will learn the basics of the Italian language, including: greetings, introducing oneself, numbers and numbering, days of the week, months, colors, shapes, animals, other vocabulary of names and objects, the alphabet, personal pronouns, adverbs (interrogative and of place), adjectives, the verbs “to be” and “to have.”


- Conversation using expressions for introducing oneself and for informal greeting

- Conversation using names of parts of the body (hands, nose, feet, etc.)

- Conversation using questions and answers

The lessons can be held only at your location (houses, schools, PreK/K, children's centers, etc.- Manhattan NY, Bergen County NJ, Hudson County NJ)


Learn Italian while you cook - Conversations in your kitchen

It's one of the best ways to get into the Italian culture and its language: to converse while cooking.

Students participate in the preparation of some popular Italian dishes and desserts.

The selected recipes are :

- Tagliatelle with ragu'

- Meatballs

- Tiramisu'

- Grilled vegetables

Each lesson lasts 3 hours and includes grammar and rules of syntax.

At the end of the lesson the students eat or take home prepared dishes.

The lessons can be held only at your location (house, school, cultural centers, restaurants, etc.- Manhattan NY, Bergen County NJ, Hudson County NJ).



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